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Sometime during 1967

Santa Barbara Machine Head  

People involved

Twink Alder (drm); Kim Gardner (bss); Jon Lord (kbr); Ron Wood (gtr/vcl); and possibly some more.

A short-lived group that managed to record three tracks, i.e. "Porcupine Juice", "Albert" and "Rubber Monkey" (all are credited to Dudgeon/Lord). These seem to pop up on various blues collections from time to time.


Material appears on...

Blues Anytime 4 [1lp] : UK Dec 1967 Immediate Records

An Anthology Of British Blues Vol 2 [2lp] : UK Nov 1969 Immediate Records IMAL 05/06

An Anthology Of British Blues Vol 3 [cd] : Germany 1996 Charly Schallplatten CD IMM 4

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May 1965 to August 1966
September/October 1982

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