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Spring and summer of 1997

Blackmore's Night  

People involved

Ritchie Blackmore (gtr/bss/mnd/drm/tmb) & Candice Night (vcl); together with Ian Anderson (flt); Scott Hazell (bvc); Pat Regan (kbr); and the Minstrel Hall Consort = Tom Brown (cll); Gerald Flashman (rcr/trp/fhr); Lady Green (vla/vln).

Ritchie's & Candice's medieval album. Some say it's bad, others say it's great. I say it's interesting... and damned good!


Albums & singles

No Second Change/No Second Change/Minstrel Hall : Germany 1997 Edel 0099365WHE

Shadow Of The Moon [cd; extra material?] : Japan April 1997

Shadow Of The Moon [cd] : Germany June 1997 whatever... a project of edel 0099022WHE

Shadow Of The Moon [cd; bonus track] : Japan 1997

Shadow Of The Moon [cd; different bonus track] : US February 1998 Edel America

Shadow Of The Moon [video] : Japan April 1997

Shadow Of The Moon [laser disc] : Japan April 1997



Material from above appears on...

Mystera VI [cd; Various Artists] : Germany October 2000 Polystar CD 9548-39074-2

Minstrels & Ballads (Blackmore's Night Compilation) [cd] : Japan 2001 Pony Canyon

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