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October 1975

The Butterfly Ball [live]   

People involved

Tony Ashton (vcl); Helen Chappelle (vcl); David Coverdale (vcl); Ian Gillan (vcl); Roger Glover (msc); John Goodison (vcl); John Gustafson (vcl); Jimmy Helms (vcl); Glenn Hughes (vcl); Earl Jordan (vcl); Judi Kuhl (vcl); Neil Lancaster (vcl); John Lawton (vcl); Jon Lord (kbr); Vincent Price (nrr); Mickey Lee Soule (vcl); Barry St John (vcl); Liza Strike (vcl); Twiggy (vcl); and some others.

A live performance of the Butterfly Ball at the Royal Albert Hall. Unfortunately, I'm quite ignorant as to who exactly performed on this. I've added some of the people from the earlier studio recording above; that is, minus Ronnie James Dio, whose part was taken over by Gillan and Twiggy (!). The entire thing was also videoed, but this was apparently somewhat of a less amusing experience; or as Roger Glover put it: "if something is going to bear your name, make damn sure you do all the work" (from the CD sleeve notes to the studio recording).



Butterfly Ball [vhs] : UK 198- BBC

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