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1975 to 1976

Dixie Dregs  

People involved

Frank Josephs (kbr); Rod Morgenstein (drm); Steve Morse (gtr); Allen Sloan (vln); Andy West (bss).

The dregs of Dixie Grit, or Steve Morse and Andy West, went to Miami to study at the University there. There Morse studied for Juan Mercadal and Stan Simone, jammed with Pat Metheny. During the spring of 1975, Dixie Dregs recorded a radio promo called The Great Spectacular (not properly released until 1997). The tracks have later been re-recorded by Dixie Dregs as well as Kansas.


Having graduated from the University of Kansas, Dixie Dregs relocated in Augusta, Georgia, with a new keyboard player.


Albums & singles

The Great Spectacular [promo lp] : US 1976

The Great Spectacular [cd] : US 1997

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