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Sometime during 1982

Eddie Hardin & Zak Starkey

People involved

Bimbo Acock (sxp); Tony Ashton (pno/vcl); Tony Barton (vcl); Donovan [Leitch] (vcl); John Entwistle (bss); Joe Fagin (vcl); Ray Fenwick (gtr); Steve Hackett (htr); Eddie Hardin (pno/vcl); Val McKenna (vcl); Mike O'Donnell (bss); Raf Ravenscroft (sxp); Zak Starkey (drm); Chris Thompson (gtr); plus also Don Airey (kbr); Maggie Bell (vcl); Graham Bonnet (vcl); Jon Lord (kbr); Steve Richardson (bss); Pete York (drm).

An adult (not *that* kind) adaption of a children's fairy tale originally written by Kenneth Grahame and published in 1908. The studio album didn't credit all participants -- probably due to reasons having to do with contracts & royalties. There is also a later live recording from 1991. Two unissued tracks recorded during the studio sessions later appeared on the remastered live release.


Albums & singles

Wind In The Willows [lp] : UK 1985 President Records PTLS-1078

Wind In The Willows [cd] : UK 1998 Angel Air Records

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