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Funky Junction
Plays a Tribute to Deep Purple

UK 1973 Stereo Gold Award MER 373 [1LP]

Performed by Eric Bell (guitar), Brian Downey (drums), Dave Lennox (keyboards), Phil Lynott (bass) and Benny White (vocals).

The first known Purple tribute was recorded as early as 1972. An unknown, starving band named Thin Lizzy (which consisted of Bell, Downey & Lynott) were offered a lump sum of money to record some Deep Purple songs. (The album contains also a few non-DP tracks.) They did - with the help from two Irish guys. The album came out in early 1973. It wasn't a success. In February, Thin Lizzy had a top ten hit with a single of their own.

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August to December 1986
During 1981
July 1969 to June 1973

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