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Smoke on the Water - A Tribute

US 1994 Shrapnel Records/Roadrunner Records RR 8967 2 [1CD]

Performed by Dean Castronovo (drums), Jens Johansson (keyboards), Todd Jensen (bass) and Russ Parrish (rhytm guitar) as the backing group. Featuring Reb Beach (guitar), Don Dokken (vocals), Paul Gilbert (vocals/guitar), Tony Harnell (vocals), Glenn Hughes (vocals), Kelly Keeling (vocals), Richie Kotzen (vocals/guitar), Yngwie Malmsteen (guitar), Tony MacAlpine (guitar), Robert Mason (vocals), Vinnie Moore (guitar), John Norum (guitar), Jeff Scott Soto (vocals), Joe Lynn Turner (vocals), Mike Varney (guitar) and Kip Winger (vocals). Produced by Mike Varney.

There are no particular re-arrangements involved at all here. An ordinary cover album, with all tracks being fairly faithful to the originals. It seems to be a rather routine work. Still, there are some pretty good moments here, especially Lazy (Turner/Malmsteen) and Rat Bat Blue (Kotzen).

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