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Black Night
Deep Purple Tribute according to New York

US 1996 Revolver Music REV XD 202 [1CD]

Performed by Cindy Blackman (drums), Will Calhoun (drums), Cory Glover (vocals), Simon Gregory (guitar), Tony Harnell (vocals), Richie Kotzen (vocals/guitar), Lars Y. Loudamp [= Yngwie Malmsteen] (guitar), Vinnie Moore (guitar), Al Pitrelli (guitar), Van Romaine (drums), Stevie Salas (guitar), T. M. Stevens (vocals/bass), Joe Lynn Turner (vocals) and Bernie Worrell (keyboards). Produced and arranged by T. M. Stevens.

Funky Deep Purple. ("This is the way we do Deep Purple".) Some tracks have been re-arranged, Child in Time in particular. Kotzen's solo is much different from Blackmore's but very very good. Burn sounds like it has never sound before, or after - brilliant. Other tracks sound fairly faithful to the originals. There's some good singing on this album.

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October 1975
Early 1975 to June 1975

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