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From 1966? 1967? 1968? to 1968/69

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People involved

Alan Clee (?); John Elcock (?); Mel Galley (gtr); Dave Holland (drm); Glenn Hughes (bss); Roy Kent (?); Ian Lees (?); Philip Overfield (?); David Williams (?).

Did mostly cover tunes. They released at least one single with a possible appearance by Hughes, that is, "Sadie". It's somewhat uncertain though if he actually sings anything, but he may have played bass. Whether or not Hughes appears on the other singles, I don't know. Some say it's seems unlikely.


Albums & singles

Light/Power Of Love : UK 1966 CBS Records CBS 202249 [withdrawn]

Light/Come On Now : UK 1966 CBS Records CBS 202249 [same cat no]

On The Beach/Friday Kind Of Monday : UK December 1967 Fontana TF-892

Sadie (The Cleaning Lady)/Without Her : UK May 1968 Fontana TF-938



Material from above appears on...

The 49 Minute Technicolor Dream [lp; Various Artists, incl. "On The Beach"] : UK 1983 Bam Caruso Records KIRI-027


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