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June 1970 to December 1971


People involved

Mel Galley (gtr/vcl); Dave Holland (drm); Glenn Hughes (bss/vcl).

Toured US extensively from December 1970 through 1971, supporting e.g. the Moody Blues. Their first gig, in Houston TX, was a huge success with two sold-out concerts and ZZ Top (!) opening. Touring in the southern parts of the States turned out to be the most successful. They went back to UK in December 1971.


Albums & singles

Black Cloud/... : UK 1970 Threshold

Medusa [lp] : US/UK Nov 1970 Threshold THS 4

Medusa [cd] : Japan 199- Polydor POCP-1901

Medusa [cd] : US? 1994 Threshold 820955-2



Material from above appears on...

Final Swing [lp] : US Jun 1973 Threshold THS 11

Final Swing [lp] : Germany 1974 Threshold 6.22122

Way Back To The Bone [lp] : US? 1986 Bandit Records BRF 2001

High Flyers - The Best Of Trapeze [cd] : Germany 1995 Threshold 820957-2


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