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May 1972 to June 1973


People involved

Mel Galley (gtr/vcl); Dave Holland (drm); Glenn Hughes (bss/vcl); together with: Rod Argent (kbr); B. J. Cole (gtr); Kirk Dungan (pno); Jimmy Hastings (?); John Ogden (prc); Frank Ricotti (vbs); and Peter Mackie (bss) on tour in the States.

During the summer of 1972, they began recording their third album with help from two sessioners, Argent & Cole. After this, they went back to the States to tour.


Albums & singles

You're The Music, We're Just The Band [lp] : US/UK Nov 1972 Threshold THS 8

You're The Music, We're Just The Band [cd] : US? 1994 Threshold 820956-2

You're The Music, We're Just The Band [cd] : Japan 199- Polydor POCP-1902

Coast To Coast/Your Love Is Right : UK Threshold TH 11



Material from above appears on...

Final Swing [lp] : US Jun 1973 Threshold THS 11

Final Swing [lp] : Germany 1974 Threshold 6.22122

Way Back To The Bone [lp] : US? 1986 Bandit Records BRF 2001

High Flyers - The Best Of Trapeze [cd] : Germany 1995 Threshold 820957-2


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