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Early/mid 1976

Glenn Hughes   

People involved

Glenn Hughes (vcl/bss/gtr/kbr); with Ron Aspery (sxp); Robert Bailey (pno); Bob Bowman (gtr); Helen Chappelle (bvc); Mel Galley (gtr); Dave Holland (drm); Henry Lowther (trp); Mark Nauseef (prc); Terry Rowley (pno); Liza Strike (bvc); Pat Travers (gtr); Joy Wright (bvc).

Plans for a solo album started already before the demise of Deep Purple, with David Bowie as a would-be producer (he didn't though). Recordings started during early/mid 1976 and was completed after a short Trapeze tour (see below).


Albums & singles

Play Me Out [lp] : Germany Jul 1977 Safari 6.23085

I Found A Woman/LA Cut Off : Germany Jul 1977 Safari 6.12098

Play Me Out [lp] : UK Apr 1978 Safari LONG 2

Play Me Out [lp] : France 1978 Safari SFA 20312

Play Me Out [lp] : Germany 1983 Crystal/Safari CRY 62337

Play Me Out [cd; extra material] : UK 1995 RPM Records RPM 149

Play Me Out [cd; extra material] : UK 1999 RPM Records/Purple Records PUR 312

I Found A Woman/LA Cut Off : UK Jul 1979 Safari SAFE 14

Play Me Out - Four On The Floor [2lp/cd] : UK 1990 Connoisseur VSOP LP/CD/MC 153



Material from above appears on...

The Deep Purple Family Album [cd] : UK 1993 Connoisseur RP VSOP CD 187



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