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Sometime during 1992

The KLF  

People involved

The KLF plus PP Arnold (vcl); Melissa Belland (vcl); William Budge (drm); James Caution (bgp); Cressida (vcl); Wanda Dee (vcl); Charles Galloway (bgp); Carolyn Hargreaves (vcl); Gilbert Hassle (bgp); Glenn Hughes (vcl); Katie Kissoon (vcl); Nick Koler (kbr); Lindz E Love (vcl); Mark J Luther (vcl); Robert MacKingtosh (bgp); Karl Morgan (vcl); Robert Murphy (bgp); Scott Piering (vcl); John Ridley (drm); George Smith (bgp); Tony Thorpe (msc); Andy Wright (prg); plus possibly others as well.

With Hughes guesting as The Voice Of Rock. Apparently he recorded his vocals eigth times; needless to say, the KLF were impressed with them all. He also appears on the video.


Albums & singles

MU [cd] : US 1991

America What Time Is Love/America No More : Germany 1992 Coma Records COMA 7024


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