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1993 to February 1994

Glenn Hughes  

People involved

Eric Bojfeldt (gtr); Ian Haugland (drm); Hempo Hilldén (drm); Glenn Hughes (vcl); Thomas Larsson (gtr); John Levén (bss); Meja (bvc); Mic Michaeli (kbr).

Hilldén drums on the album proper. Haugland took over in February when a couple of Deep Purple tracks were recorded. (They appear as bonus tracks on some releases.) Apparently, Blackmore had been asked to guest appear on these, but he never turned up.


Albums & singles

From Now On... [cd] : Sweden Feb 1994 Empire ERCD 1001

From Now On... [cd; extra track] : UK/Holland 1994 Roadrunner RR-09007

From Now On... [cd; two extra tracks] : Japan 1994 Xero Records XRCN-1080

Pickin' Up The Pieces/The Liar/Burn : Sweden Feb 1994 Empire ERCDS 1001

Why Don't You Stay?/Lay My Body Down : Holland/Germany Apr 1994 Roadrunner 16861-2372-3



Material from above appears on...

Greatest Hits - The Voice Of Rock [cd] : Sweden 1996 Empire ERCD 1030


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