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Sometime during 1996

"Eighth Star" = Hughes, Iommi, Airey & Holland   

People involved

Don Airey (kbr); Glenn Hughes (vcl); Dave Holland (drm); Tony Iommi (gtr).

Hughes, Iommi, Airey and Holland met in the UK sometime during 1996 to record some material. Among fans, this project goes by the name of "Eighth Star". ("Seventh Star" being the name of the previous Hughes/Iommi collaboration.)


The tapes were never released, but bootlegs float around and contain tracks with titles like "Not The Same" "I'm Gone", "Real World", "Don't You Tell Me", "I'll Be Fine", "From Another World" and "Through The Rain". They also did a re-recording of "No Stranger To Love".


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Sometime during 1987
September 1995 to late 1996
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