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March 1991 to December 1993


People involved

Denny Carmassi (drm); Jorge Casas (bss); David Coverdale (vcl); Tommy Funderburk (bvc); John Harris (hrm); Lester Mendez (kbr); Jimmy Page (gtr); Ricky Phillips (bss); John Sambataro (bvc).

Page and Coverdale were both approached by some third party who wished to see these guys work together. They accepted to meet and discuss things over, which they did during March 1991. They then met several times over the next passing months and quickly assembled workable material - parts of which eventually ended up on an absolute killer album (IMO).


Albums & singles

Coverdale-Page [cd] : Europe March 1993 EMI Records 0777-7-81401-2-2 (UK: CDEMD-1041)

Coverdale-Page [lp] : UK 1993 EMI Records 077778140115

Coverdale-Page [cd] : Canada 1993 Geffen GEFSD-24487

Pride And Joy/... : UK March 1993 EMI Records

Take Me For A Little While/Waiting On You : UK 1993 EMI Records 7243-8-80840

Take Me For A Little While/Waiting On You [7" pic] : UK 1993 EMI Records



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Sometime during 1986

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