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December 1966 to May 1967
People involved
Johnny Carroll (vcl/kbr); Roger Pinner (drm); Nick Simper (bss); Mick Stewart (gtr); and later John Kerrison (drm).
Tried to survive on their own after Kidd had died. Kerrison replaced Pinner on drums sometime during 1967. Most probably they didn't release any recordings. Anyone to confirm?

May to October 1967
Simper did various session work during 1967. He also toured together with Screaming Lord Sutch, Billie Davis, and others. Simper was also in a group called Cyrano & the Bergeracs either during this period or perhaps earlier.

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During 1987
from SECOND MOVEMENT: ANDANTE PART I November 1980 to December 1981

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