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During 1974
People involved
Earl Johnson (gtr); Terry Juric (bss); Buzz Shearman (vcl); Bill Wade (drm); with sessioners Terry Stephenson (kbr) and Tommy Bolin (gtr).
Tommy Bolin does all but two guitar solos on Moxy's first album (known as "The Black Album"). All rythm guitar and two of the solos (those on "Sail On Sail Away" and "Can't You See I'm A Star") were performed by Earl Johnson. He was actually supposed to have done all the guitar parts, but got into a disagreement with the producer and was consequently tossed out of the studio. Tommy Bolin, being nearby, was asked to fill in for him.
Contrary to what you might have read on these pages earlier (and perhaps elsewhere as well), Tommy Bolin does not play on Moxy's second album. Nor does Buddy Caine perform on Moxy's first album, although he is credited on the album for being a full-time member (he joined after the recordings had finished).
Albums & singles
Moxy [lp] : US 1975 Mercury SRM-1-1087
Moxy [lp] : Canada 19-- Ahed AS-8230

Material from above appears on...
Tommy Bolin - The Ultimate... [3lp] : Germany 1989 Geffen 924248-1
Tommy Bolin - The Ultimate... [2cd] : US 1989 Geffen 2-24248

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