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From 1985-ish to the mid-1990s
The Good Ole Boys
People involved
Peter Parks (gtr/vcl); Alan Barrett (?); Simon Bishop (?); Nick Simper (bss); Richard Underwood (?); plus occasional in-siters.
When Flying Fox eventually collapsed, Simper and Parks quickly formed a new band. They toured regularly 'round the London area until the mid-1990s. Did they record anything? Good question.

December 1994 onwards
Quatermass II
People involved
Nick Simper (bss); Peter Taylor (vcl); Bernie Torme (gtr); Mick Underwood (drm).
Reformation of a band known to most lovers of British rock. They met, jammed and recorded some demos. Unfortunately though, before closing a record deal, Torme and Taylor left. Hm, wonder what happened to those demos?

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