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November 1993 to September 1994
Deep Purple Mk VI
People involved
Ian Gillan (vcl); Roger Glover (bss); Jon Lord (kbr); Ian Paice (drm); Joe Satriani (gtr).
Satriani joined the purple ranks for a short Japanese tour, and a longer European dito from May to July 1994. He then returned to the States to fullfill his solo contract. They didn't record any studio material, but apparently some live recordings exist. No official releases, though.

September 1994 onwards
Joe Satriani
People involved
Joe Satriani (gtr/vcl/msc); with Greg Bissonette (prc); Matt Bissonette (bss); Jeff Campitelli (drm); Nathan East (bss); Andy Fairweather (gtr); Ethan John (drm); Manu Katche (drm); Eric Valentine (pno/kbr/prc).
Albums & singles
Joe Satriani [cd] : US 1995 Relativity REL 481102-2

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