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October 1967 to February 1968
The Flowerpot Men
People involved
Tony Burrows (vcl); Neil Landon (vcl); Jon Lord (kbr); Carlo Little (drm); Pete Nelson (vcl); Ged Peck (gtr); Robin Shaw (vcl); Nick Simper (bss).
The Flowerpot Men was a studio concept created by the duo Carter/Lewis, who recorded and released "Let's Go To San Francisco" during 1967. It became a huge hit. Thus a touring band was quickly assembled. Simper joined on bass. While on tour, the original keyboard player caught the flue (or something), and thus Simper's old mate Jon Lord was brought in for the remainder of the tour. Neither Simper nor Lord took part of any recordings though.

February/March 1968
People involved
Ritchie Blackmore (gtr); Chris Curtis (vcl); Dave Curtis (vcl); Jon Lord (kbr); Nick Simper (bss); Bobby Woodman (drm).
The embryonic Deep Purple. Chris Curtis soon disappeared, as did Dave Curtis and Bobby Woodman. In came Rod Evans and Ian Paice.

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