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The Moscow Symphony Orchestra
in Performance of the Music of Deep Purple

Japan 1992 Zero Records XRCN-1022 [1CD]
UK 1992 Cromwell Productions CPCD 018 [1CD]

Performed by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Constantine Krimets. Arranged by Stephen Reeve and Martin Riley. Produced by Bob Carruthers. Recorded live (in the studio with no audience) during April 1992.

No drums, no drum machine, no guitar - in fact, no rock instruments at all, just a symphony orchestra. Or as the sleeve notes say: "With the addition of bass and drums rock orchestrations often sound like the worst imaginable elevator music." Some tracks have been re-arranged, others sound more faithful to the originals. Child in Time is particularly successful, building up slowly and nicely. The Mule and Pictures of Home are also very good, much thanks to the melodies. "Interestingly many of the players came to the sessions already knowing the music ... [eventually] even the maestro began to smile"

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