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June 1988
Joe Satriani
People involved
Jonathan Mover (drm); Stuart Hamm (bss); Joe Satriani (gtr).
These guys appeared live on 11th June 1988 in San Diego, California, for the US radio show King Biscuit Flower Hour. The recordings were included in the Dreamin #11 EP.
Albums & singles
Dreamin #11 [ep] : US 1988 Food For Thought 12YUM114
Dreamin #11 [cd] : US 1988 Food For Thought CD12YUM
Dreamin #11 [cd] : Austria 1988 Relativity Records REL 473604-2

Material from above appears on...
The Beautiful Guitar [cd] : US 1993 Relativity/Sony

During 1988
Blue Oyster Cult
Satriani & his guitar make a guest appearance.
Albums & singles
Imaginos [cd] : US July 1988

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